The National Park Project

By Scott W. Parker, 2001 through 2004

"I will be traveling throughout the United States of America to paint 56 of our national parks. This project will be a 3-year exploration of our extensive national park system. Each of the 56 parks are designated National Parks carefully selected in order that the raw and natural beauty within each of our country's regions will be accurately represented. The park visits will each last 2-3 weeks and be thoroughly documented with onsite drawings, paintings, photographs, and will also include written impressions. The resulting body of work will uniquely capture these national treasures through light, color, landscape, culture and history."
                                                -Scott W. Parker         


"I will exhibit the completed pieces in galleries and non-traditional venues, and will subsequently seek publication of the entire National Parks Project. It is my hope that these pieces will ultimately create in the audience both a sense of appreciation for our American treasures, and foster a desire to learn more about these and other natural sanctuaries."

"I began my journey with visits to Yosemite, Glacier National Park and Yellowstone in August 2001 and invite you to review my progress by continuing to visit my website which will feature updates and images as they become available."

June 2002 Parker Studios issues a
Limited edition print to raise money for the project:
Pole Bridge: Entrance to Glacier Park
Summer 2002 acquire Transport and begin outfitting for journey
September 2002 project begins
September 2004 project is completed
Catalog edited and published fall of 2004
Traveling exhibit 2005

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