Christopher Todd
is a recent arrival to the Chicago from the east coast.
A well known photographer and now the owner of
STUDIO, a Gallery located on the near west side in Chicago, Chris provides artists from around the country with a venue for others to appreciate their art.

Chris hosted a show of his own work in April.
Filling the STUDIO with fantastic images taken
on a cross country ride entitled: 10,000 Miles;
Photos of a Motorcycle Journey



The photographs are bold and beautful. Drawing the viewer into an image that in some cases is larger than life. Rich colors and deep black and white capture the feeling of discovery and adventure. One can taste the dust and feel the wind blast as the bikes eat up the vast expanse of America. Chris captured this and brought it all home to the walls of STUDIO.


Visitors to the show were treated to a most unusual diarama which included a display of taxidermy and two grand desert murals. Another way to bring the great artwork to life for Chicago art patrons.