Scott W. Parker's Itinerary and Works

Of the hundreds of parks overseen by the National Park Service’s system, which covers National Forest, Seashore, Historic Sites and dozens of other designations, Parker chose to focus on portraying all 58 of the officially-designated National Parks.

To this editor's knowledge, artist Scott W. Parker is the first and only artist ever to get so deep into every National Park and produce three works from each location. Historic in it's scope, the National Park Project has so far remained somehow mostly overlooked except by avid supporters and collectors of Parker's work. The work has so far, never been exhibited in it's entirety. At well over 150 works, a comprehensive exhibition would be grand and startleing in it's size and impact.

Parker’s primary mode of transportation between each park was his loyal Jeep Grand Cherokee. He brought his jeep into a shipwelder in Alaska, who created a travelling studio-home in the back, complete with slots for his oil boards, as well as a full-length raised platform bed!

Once inside each park, Parker would shed his Jeep for hiking shoes or kayak, his backpack and easels, and immediately head deep off the well-trodden roads and footpaths to find fresh views of rarely-seen landscapes. It was in these remote spots where he translated these views into his unique artistic vision.

National Park
When Visited
Show me works from this park
Glacier August 2001 Kintla Lake Waterton Lake Polebridge
Yosemite August/September 2001  
Yellowstone September 2001  
Kenai Fjord September 2002 Exit Glacier;Seward, AK ;Homer, AK
Wrangell - St.Elias October 2002 Kennicott, Aerial Views, Haines
Olympic October 2002 Hoh River Valley, Shi-Shi Beach, Lake Ozette
Crater Lake October 2002 Crater Lake I, Crater Lake II, Crater Lake III
Redwood November 2002 Redwood I, Redwood II, Redwood III
Lassen Volcanic November 2002 Cindercone, Sulpher Springs, Mt. Lassen
Golden Gate November 2002 Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
Zion December 2002 Hidden Canyon, Sinawava, Entrance to Narrows
Bryce Canyon December 2002 Hoodoos I, Hoodoos II, Hoodoos III
Petrified Forrest January 2003 Petrified Forest, Blue Mesa, Painted Desert,
Saguaro January 2003 Saguaro Mesquite, Valley View, Saguaro West
Guadalupe Mountains January 2003 El Capitan, McKittrick Canyon, Gadalupe Peak
Carlsbad Caverns February 2003 Carsbad I, Carlsbad II, Carlsbad Bigroom
Big Bend February 2003 Chisos Dessert I and II, Mule Ears Peak and more.
Hot Springs February 2003 Fordyce, Bathhouse Row, Untitled
Mammoth Cave March 2003 The Churches, Turnhole Bend, Houchins and More
Great Smokey Mountains March 2003 Abram's Creek, Cade's Cove, Charlie's Bunion
Virgin Islands April 2003 Termite's Nest, Trunk Bay, Salt Pond and More
Biscayne April 2003 Boca Chita Lighthouse, Red Mangroves
Everglades May 2003 Mahogony Hammock, Gulfcoast 1000 Is., and more.
Dry Tortugas May2003 Bush Key, Moat, Fort Painting
Shenendoah May/June 2003 Skyline Drive, Rose River Falls
Acadia June 2003 Wonderland, Champlain Mt., Bar Harbor Painting
Cuyahoga Valley June 2003 Cuyahoga River Canal, Ohio Erie Canal and more
Isle Royale July 2003 Caribou Isle Painting, Ojibwa, Moskey Basin
Voyageurs July 2003 Namaken Lake, Brule Narrows, Little Island
Theodore Roosevelt July 2003 South Unit Painting, Pit, Drawing II
Badlands July/August 2003 Badlands Painting, Castle Trail, Dearhaven
Wind Cave August 2003 Black Hills Painting, Wind Cave, Ponderosa Prairie
Grand Teton August 2003 Mt. Moran Painting, View From Holly Lake, more
Yellowstone September 2003 Lower Falls Painting, Lamar, Beehive, Geysers
Glacier September 2003 Logan Pass, Kintla, Bowman Valley, Sinopah
North Cascades September 2003 Mixup Peak, Sahale Peak, Cascades in September
Mount Rainier October 2003 Rained out week. Returning in 2004!
Lassen Volcanic October 2003 Return trip to paint.
Yosemite October 2003 Backside and Eastside of Half Dome, Lembert Dome
Great Basin November 2003 Bristlecone Pine
Capitol Reef November 2003 Golden Throne, Pleasant Creek, Hall Creek Valley
Rocky Mountain December 2003 Deer Mountain Trail, Glacier Gorge
Haleakala January 2004 Seven Pools Bridge, Caldera Floor and more...
Hawaii Volcanoes January 2004 Ka'aha, Pu'u 'O'o, Halema'uma'u and more...
American Samoa February 2004 Sili Beach, Pola, Si`u Point, Sunu`itao Peak
Channel Islands February 2004 Scorpion Bay, Scorpion Canyon, Anacapa
Death Valley February 2004 Salt Pan, Salt to Snow, Amargosa
Joshua Tree March 2004 Lost Horse, Lost Oasis, Joshua Painting
Mesa Verde March 2004 Cliff Palace, Farview Tower, Painting.
Black Canyon March 2004 Cedar Point, Pulpit, Painting
Arches April 2004 Delicate Arch, Broken Arch, Turret Arch
Canyonlands April 2004 Chesler, Down to Green River, Squaw Canyon
Grand Canyon April 2004 Havapai Point, Grand View, Hermit's Trail
Kings Canyon April 2004 Misty Falls, Roaring Falls, Zumwalt Meadows
Sequoia May 2004 Garfield Grove, Giant Forest, South Fork
Mt. Rainier May 2004 Rampart Ridge, Silver Falls, East Side
Glacier Bay June 2004 Sea Breeze, Queen's Inlet
Wrangell St. Elias June 2004 Nizina Lake, Nizina Glacier, Reflection
Lake Clark June 2004 Drawing 1, Kontrash, Drawing 3
Katmai July 2004 10,000 Smokes, Mt.Griggs, Drawing3
Denali July 2004

Mt. McKinley, Nalika River, Cathedral Mt.

Kobuk August 2004 Jade Mountains, Great Kobuk Dunes, Drawing 3
Gates of the Arctic August 2004 Upper Noatak River, Drawing 2, Drawing 3

Kenai Fjords

August 2004 Pederson Glacier, Holgate Glacier

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